Return to Babylon 

Today after work, I drive directly to USC. It took me 3 hours to LA. The traffic is so crazy ~~ lol

This is the first time that I went to USC. The campus is really pretty. I wish I will have more time to explore the campus. Next time I would take a look for sure. :) 

The theater is really really pretty. I would say that Art Center cannot really compare with USC. The two schools are just different. 

Return to Babylon is a B&W silent film. It is a very very good silent film. I love the graphic design and the typeface on the screen. The music and the cutting is just fantastic. It has a lot of different stories in the film but they follow the same pattern — the young movie star became super star, they got bad habit later on in Hollywood and die in the young age. 

I love the end. There are a lot of poems at the end. It is a film about moral, black humor and tragedy. 

I really like the music, actor, cutting and storytelling in this film. I looked online and found out the full length movie but it is not really polished. I think it is the old version. The one I saw today is really different and well polished. It has ghosty image all over the black and white movie. I would say that this movie is about : pretty men & women got fame and addicted to drug and alcohol, got mental problem and die in their young age. 

It is a really good movie :) I love it. 

The best thing ever —dance.

(the songs for this painting and the poem) —

"Don’t stop the music"

"Feel this moment"

After dancing, I painted and made a poem out of my feeling. 

Enjoy it :) 


Poem: Dance


the best thing ever.

The feeling of my body,

starts to extend from head to toe. 

Never be so close to myself that

I can hear my fingers vibrating.

Never feel so alive that 

I can hear my lungs breathing,

Never really drowning in the music

that I become an invisible storm

swirling upright to heaven.

For the art center student club— lecture

Today I went to Art Center right after work. It was really good to work and study at the same time. I feel like that it is a bless to be a student again. 

During the lecture, I felt that it is really good to just watch the slide show. The color of the drawing are so pretty. I couldn’t take my eyes of them. I felt that I could do it ( inside my heart deeply). I can draw as well as her maybe two years later. I think my big dream is doing something related to storytelling but since I am just a beginner, I want to execute my work by myself. So from the story to the final execution I need to learn those skills. 

It feels so good that I find out all the resource within a few months— just go back to school I found everything that I need. The rest of it just —- practice everyday at least 2 hours for my project. 

I deeply believe that “good things always happen unexpectedly” — like black swan theory — something unexpected will change the world. 

Now I think of Steve Jobs famous quote ” every dots in your life connect each other ” I believe everything happens for a reason. 

Since I was young, I have a lot of “fantasy” style of thinking. It bothers me a lot in the past. But for some reason it seems that I am born for storytelling. I love reading since I was really young. When I was in university in Taiwan, I took a drama history class for music department and ended up i spent 99% of my energy to read everything related to drama. In Art Center, I accidentally took storyboarding and ended up spent 99.99% of my energy on that class. When I went back to Taiwan last year, I also taught junior high school kids storyboarding. There were tons of things happened last year. I wrote a lot of poems, novels & illustrations during that time. It seems that I MUST write all the things out of my mind — I need to let all the story out or I could not sleep. After writing all the things out I feel happy and peaceful and self content. 

After hearing the lecture, I drove home on 1-5. I kept thinking about all the connecting dots in my life to make me right now. suddenly, I saw  beautiful firework from Disneyland just above my head. It was so amazing beautiful that I felt so confident about what I am doing. It seems that God is with me and telling me the answer that I am on HIS way. I felt so warm inside my heart - so peaceful & splendid. 

I cried a little when seeing all the firework — it says that I am on the right track and I am on my way home — welcome to orange county :) . 

I feel God is with me. God is everywhere and I deeply feel HIM tonight. He is with me. :)